Streetart der Krise

Die Streetart Athens bildet die Kulisse für eine der schlimmsten Krisen der letzten fünfzig Jahre. In fast jedem Beitrag über die europäische Schuldenkrise wird sie als Bebilderung benutzt, meistens ohne dass die Journalisten sich fragen, warum.

Das GRAFFITIARCHIV will das nun tun im Rahmen der Ausstellung “ATHENS – BERLIN – CAENS – a transeuropean dialogue on the crisis”: Wie steht es um die Streetart in Athen? Drückt sie aus, was die Leute denken? Oder steht sie für einen Widerstand, der eigentlich schon gebrochen ist? Ein Veranstaltung von JULIA TULKE:

Dienstag, den 24. März 2015 / 19 Uhr / Raum für drastische Maßnahmen, Oderstraße 34 (S-Bahn Frankfurter Allee)

Dr. Panos Leventis (Associate Professor at the Hammons School of Architecture of Drury University in Springfield, Missouri)
Carsten Janke (Graffitiarchive at Archiv der Jugendkulturen e.V., Berlin)
Oré (Street Artist and Initiator of The ABC Project, Caen)
Moderation: Julia Tulke



Auch möchten wir hiermit auf die eigentliche Ausstellung hinweisen. Hier die offizielle Einladung:



Exhibition with the Street Artists Wild Drawing (ID/GR), SCAR ONE (GR) und Oré (FR)
Vernissage: Saturday, 21st March 2015, 7pm
Finissage: 28th March 2015, 7pm
Opening Hours: 12 am to 6 pm


In the context of the recent crisis street art and graffiti have become important mediums of expression and protest in Athens. The walls of the city reflect the fears and frustrations of its inhabitants as well as their hopes and alternative visions for the future. 

Athens – Berlin – Caen brings the street art of Athens to a broader European audience. Between March and April 2015 street artists Wild Drawing and SCAR ONE (Athens) as well as Oré (Caen) will exhibit their artworks and realise murals in Berlin and Caen. During the exhibtion at Berlin’s Raum für drastische Maßnahmen there will be a number of panel discussions as well as live paintings in the neighborhood of the gallery.

Wild Drawing, or WD, was born in Bali, Indonesia, but has been living and working in Athens for the past eight years. He has degrees in fine arts and applied arts and continues to work in the studio and exhibit his work in international solo and group shows. Since 2000 he has continuously been involved in street art and has become one of the most prolific, versatile, and recognized representatives of the Athens scene.

SCAR ONE first started to write graffiti in 1998. He has since studied graphic design and illustration in england and participated in several international group shows. Lately has been returning to his roots and applying his energy away from the establishments and towards the streets. He runs a free community art school for children in Athens where he lives and works. .

Oré is a french street artist based in the city of caen in normandie. He shares a strong and personal connection with the city of Athens and has visited it regualrly during the past 30 years. An astute observer of the changes that the city has been going through in the past years of crisis, he has initiated the ABC project to start a transeuropean dialogue about the crisis.

The exhibition is organised by Julia Tulke who also exhibited photographs from her research project Aesthetics of Crisis on political street art in Athens at the Raum für drastische Maßnahmen in 2013.



Raum für drastische Maßnahmen

Aestethics of Crisis


Wild Drawing