Wimmelbild Recht auf Stadt

Das Wimmelbild „Recht auf Stadt“ widmet sich Intitativen und Aktionen von Menschen, die entgegen kapitalistischer Verwertungslogik und Profitideologien nachbarschaftliche und solidarische Erfahrungen und Werte schaffen.

Royal / Dixon - picture set (2007)

Lots of pictures of streetart by dixon / royal in the streets of barcelona.
Enjoy this amazing collection of post covers and hand drawn money sacks and severed hands!

Napoli Special (2007)

Another update with more than 90 pictures of lovely stencils and characters taken in Napoli. These pics will surely persuade you to travel to this city immediately.

Thanks to txmx for sharing his holiday memories with us.

Acud Paint Session (2007)

...mit kasmir, noel, keule, grafro, azione etc etc

ACUD Veteranenstraße 21  10119 Berlin

Nürnberg special (2007)

we´re glad to present you more than 180 pictures taken around nuremberg!
special thanks to gonzo and wildstyle ray who shared their content of wildewaende.tk!

Prague (2007)

A lot of new pictures from Prague. Thanks!! etepetete

6 Exhibition @ Fleischerei (2007)

"6-_-.4rtist.com" exhibition at Fleischerei
started on Friday 6.April 2007

Torstr.116, U Rosenthaler Platz Berlin



Keule VS. Sam im Neurotitan (2007)

Sam & Keule Doppel im Rahmen der Comic-Bibliothek Renate - Ausstellung.
3. - 22. April 2007 im Neurotitan Berlin-Mitte.

Vienna Special (2007)

this special shows a wide range of streetart from vienna, containing a lot of stencils, installations, tiles and more - hopefully representing a significant part of the austrian scene.
big thanks to ilka for taking the pictures during a trip!

SP-38 Expo Fleischerei Berlin (2007)

"Pig ME - Vive la Bourgeoisie"
Plakateausstellung by SP38
Vernissage: Sa 24.2.2007 mit DJ Gabba Reifenstihl


in der Fleischerei, Torstr.116, Berlin-Mitte

präsentiert von Fleischerei und reclaimyourcity.net

Cape Town (2006/ 2007)

We are happy to show lots of pictures taken in Cape Town. Most of them are taken by think, who recently stayed in CT.
Some pics were taken about a year ago during the "lines of attitude" exhibition featuring well known artists like falko, faith47, phiks, mode2 and draph.

No Logo (2007)

this new special consists of 4 short video clips and about 30 pictures documenting the streetart by nologo / kain logos.
he started over 10 years ago with writing - changed his direction in 2000 using other techniques and visual statements.

Fleischerei Sticker Expo (2006)

From 24.Aug - 7.Sep 2006 there was a sticker exhibition at the Fleischerei in Berlin.

Warsaw Picture Special (2006)

Thanks to etepetete we have about 70 pictures taken in Warsaw in our gallery to form a warsaw-picture-special, featuring stencils by m-city and lots of great unlabeled stuff.

1UP - the early days (2006)

The first 3 Years of bombing: About 125 pictures of 1UP's work, taken all over europe.
From Berlin to France to Italy and back. Rooftops, Wholecars, Roller Paintings...

Streetart World Cup (2006)

it took some time but by now we could document several feedbacks by different streetart activists visible in public space.
we got some nice pictures and hopefully there will be more soon.

Barcelona (2006)

due to holidays we got some new pics taken in barcelona. even though laws have been passed recently to keep the city clean, there are still lots of nice spots for sticker, stencils, characters...

Pro Graffiti-Demo Berlin 2006

Demonstration "Graffiti ist kein Verbrechen - Gegen die Kriminalisierung einer Jugendkultur" in Berlin. Im Rahmen der Aktionstage gegen den Anti-Graffiti-Kongress, der zeitgleich im Berliner Rathaus stattfand.

Berlin Sticker (2004)

Im Bereich Stickers sind jetzt knapp 150 Stickers neu online, die im Frühling 2004 geknipst wurden, schwerpunktmässig in Neukölln und Kreuzberg u.a. von Stirb, Tower, Stromausfall,1UP, Supermodelz...

Wilde Wände Ausstellung in Erlangen (2003)

Wilde Wände - Die große Urban Art Ausstellung im E-Werk / Erlangen. 18.-26. Juni 2003
Plakate, Aufkleber, Graffities & Schablonities von Swoon (USA), Wadw, Idiot, Akroe, Loesje International, Duck (Belgien), Meat Love, Sat One, Karski (Holland), Akayism (Schweden), Os Gemeos (... Read more

Backjumps - The Live Issue #2

Backjumps - The Live Issue #2 hat nach dem großen Erfolg von 2003, in 2005 zum zweiten Mal einen Rahmen geschaffen, in dem aktuelle Weiterentwicklungen und interdisziplinäre Schnittstellen von internationaler Street Art, Aerosol-Kultur und HipHop in Berlin präsentiert wurden.