Wimmelbild Recht auf Stadt

Das Wimmelbild „Recht auf Stadt“ widmet sich Intitativen und Aktionen von Menschen, die entgegen kapitalistischer Verwertungslogik und Profitideologien nachbarschaftliche und solidarische Erfahrungen und Werte schaffen.

Andalusia Special (2007)

TXMX sent us another wonderful picture set documenting streetart in the cities of Andalusia in the south of spain. Enjoy almost 100 pictures taken in Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada and Malaga.

1010 - picture set (2007)

Time for 1010!
pictures by TXMX. Thanx!!!!

Lübeck Special (2007)

in the last couple of days we got lots of pictures taken in luebeck, so that we finally have exactly 100 pics of this small city in the north of germany.

Athens Special (2007)

it looks like Me !0_o? went on vacation and invested lots of time in discovering the hidden beauty of the city of athena. we compiled his beautiful pictures in one huge special containing more than 170 pics!

Mentalgassi (2007)

We are happy to show you some new art and pictures done by the Mentalgassi-Group from Berlin!
Here is their Gallery! Thanks.

"NO PROPAGANDA" night, nacht, nuit (2007)

"NOPROPAGANDA " night ,nacht, nuit
06.September 2007, ab 20h im ZMF, Brunnenstrasse 10 , Berlin-Mitte

Stencils in Kuldiga /Lettland (2007)

Stencils aus Kuldiga, einem kleinen Ort in Lettland

DANKE!!! txmx

Altona Stencil Akademie (2007)

25. Aug.-8.Sept. 2007 Wohlwillstrasse Hamburg-Altona mit: Artiste ouvrier, Alba, PI RHO, dash3ultra, Quasikunst.
Danke! TXMX für Fotos

Black Block Beauty (2007)

Buffmonster Live Action

Buffing is not a crime...

30 years without Elvis (2007)

there is still no revolution without rock music!
big thx to txmx for capturing the elvis memorial streetart in hamburg!

Tags - schwarz auf weiss (2007)

von sonntag, dem 24. juni bis samstag, 7. juli können maler ihre tags in schwarz auf die weiße wand bringen. nur tags, nur stifte, keine bombings, keine characters. am 8. juli wird die ausstellung eröffnet, ab 20.00 uhr, mit djs.

Planet Prozess (Berlin 2007)

40 Künstler/12 Nationen
4 Etagen/1.200 Quadratmeter
1 Stadt/1 Prozess

DEATHLESS Decks Exhibition (2007)

A Berlin Street Art Show
June 30 August 31, 2007
Opening: June 29 8pm

Intoxicated Demons (2007)

June 29th 2007

We are pround to announce the first INTOXICATED DEMONS show. We asked six of europe’s hottest urban art artists to join the succesful Berlin party event „live-demo“ for a live-painting show. Be sure not to miss this event and make it a hot summer... Read more

Señor-B Exhibition Berlin (2007)

»The Lazy Bunch« by Señor B.
29.06.07 – 15.07.07 Galerie Walden

RYC & überdose.de Exhibition (2007)

From the 24th of june to the 7th of july we are going to host an exhibition as part of the backjumps live issue no. 3 together with the people of ueberdose.de.

“Laktacje” Fleischerei (2007)

23 of Juni 2007 at 17h in the Fleischerei will be vernisage of “Laktacje” - traveling exchibition of works of pepole who do stuff around polish street art.”


Backjumps – The Live Issue#3

Street Art entsteht und entwickelt sich auf den Straßen der Städte. Als Phänomen prägt sie die Stadtlandschaften der Welt.

Just & SMP Light Tagging Tour (2007)

Happy birthday RYC!
We hit the 10.000 pictures barrier today and prepared some special updates for this occasion.
Just and SMP made this wonderful lighttag picture for reclaimyourcity among 20 others which you can see here.