A walk in Budapest - 2013

Here is a set of pictures taken this summer in Budapest. The city offers a huge diversity of stickers, stencil, political slogans, and beautfiul paintings all around the city.

Madrid - Summer 2013

Here is a collection of pictures taken in Madrid this June. While there are lots of things to spot if you walk around the inner city, it seems that most pieces do not last very long. Half torn stickers and posters are no rare sight and many walls look like they have been freshly repainted... Read more

Melbourne: Live action at Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is one of the most popular street art spots in Melbourne packed with ever-increasing layers of characters, graffiti, posters, stickers, and much more. Due to the popularity, it is not uncommon to run into artists working on the walls. We arrived right in time when a bunch of... Read more

Melbourne: Visiting Union Lane

One thing Melbourne is famous for are several narrow alleys in the city fully covered with ever-changing graffiti and street art. One of these is Union Lane, here is a bunch of pictures from that alley taken in November 2012.

Valencia Special (2009)

TXMX war in Valencia und hat einiges an Fotos mitgebracht.

Paris Special (2008)

Featuring tons of pictures of well-know sceners such as reroart, Artiste-Ouvrier, Czarnobyl, 1UP, Space Invaders, and miss.tic. Along comes a pile of beautiful untagged stencils, characters, tiles, etc in this set. Thanks a lot to the beauty lies!

Frankfurt-Oder Stencils (2008)

Political Stencils and Stickers from Frankfurt (Oder).
Thanx to Stencilart for the pictures!

Krakow Stencils & Stickers (2008)

Aw° sent us some pictures from krakow showing mostly stencils and stickers. Nice to see some vinyl and 3.5" discs again.

Lisboa - Part 2 (2007)

here comes the 2nd part of the Lisboa special, containing another 50+ pictures. there seems to be an infinite amount of stencils in portugals capital!

Lisboa Special (2007)

G.-S. Treet sent us almost 50 pics showing streetart in lisboa, including lots of awesome stencils and characters. heres a shortcut to take a glance at the lisbonian streetart.

Andalusia Special (2007)

TXMX sent us another wonderful picture set documenting streetart in the cities of Andalusia in the south of spain. Enjoy almost 100 pictures taken in Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada and Malaga.

Lübeck Special (2007)

in the last couple of days we got lots of pictures taken in luebeck, so that we finally have exactly 100 pics of this small city in the north of germany.

Athens Special (2007)

it looks like Me !0_o? went on vacation and invested lots of time in discovering the hidden beauty of the city of athena. we compiled his beautiful pictures in one huge special containing more than 170 pics!

Stencils in Kuldiga /Lettland (2007)

Stencils aus Kuldiga, einem kleinen Ort in Lettland

DANKE!!! txmx

Napoli Special (2007)

Another update with more than 90 pictures of lovely stencils and characters taken in Napoli. These pics will surely persuade you to travel to this city immediately.

Thanks to txmx for sharing his holiday memories with us.

Nürnberg special (2007)

we´re glad to present you more than 180 pictures taken around nuremberg!
special thanks to gonzo and wildstyle ray who shared their content of wildewaende.tk!

Prague (2007)

A lot of new pictures from Prague. Thanks!! etepetete

Vienna Special (2007)

this special shows a wide range of streetart from vienna, containing a lot of stencils, installations, tiles and more - hopefully representing a significant part of the austrian scene.
big thanks to ilka for taking the pictures during a trip!

Cape Town (2006/ 2007)

We are happy to show lots of pictures taken in Cape Town. Most of them are taken by think, who recently stayed in CT.
Some pics were taken about a year ago during the "lines of attitude" exhibition featuring well known artists like falko, faith47, phiks, mode2 and draph.

Warsaw Picture Special (2006)

Thanks to etepetete we have about 70 pictures taken in Warsaw in our gallery to form a warsaw-picture-special, featuring stencils by m-city and lots of great unlabeled stuff.

Barcelona (2006)

due to holidays we got some new pics taken in barcelona. even though laws have been passed recently to keep the city clean, there are still lots of nice spots for sticker, stencils, characters...