Wandmalerei, Graffiti und Streetart in Caracas

Ein Reisebericht von Melek S. für das soeben erschienen Buch „Caracas, sozialisierende Stadt - Die 'bolivarianische' Metropole zwischen Selbstorganisation und Steuerung“ von Dario Azzellini, Stephan Lanz, Kathrin Wildnser (Hg.) in der Buchreihe metroZones / b_books.

A walk in Budapest - 2013

Here is a set of pictures taken this summer in Budapest. The city offers a huge diversity of stickers, stencil, political slogans, and beautfiul paintings all around the city. The highest density is definetely to be found in the Jewish Quarter, where you can also hop into one the ruin bars when exhausted to relax with a beer or coffee and enjoy the paintings inside.  


Madrid - Summer 2013

Here is a collection of pictures taken in Madrid this June. While there are lots of things to spot if you walk around the inner city, it seems that most pieces do not last very long. Half torn stickers and posters are no rare sight and many walls look like they have been freshly repainted! But since an active crowd fights the grey walls, it pays off to wander around and enjoy new stuff!


Das Graffitiarchiv zu Besuch in Voronezh/Russland

Das Berliner Graffiti-Archiv besuchte anlässlich des "Hier"-Festivals im Mai 2013 die Stadt Voronezh im äußersten Südwesten Russlands. Ein Reisebericht.

Melbourne: Live action at Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is one of the most popular street art spots in Melbourne packed with ever-increasing layers of characters, graffiti, posters, stickers, and much more. Due to the popularity, it is not uncommon to run into artists working on the walls. We arrived right in time when a bunch of local street artists created a new 20 meter long painting. According to the Invurt webzine for AustrialAsian urban art, the artists included the Meggs, Rone, Wonder, The Tooth, Sofles, Roach and Numskull.

Here are a couple of pictures taken that day throughout the alley, enjoy!


Melbourne: Visiting Union Lane

One thing Melbourne is famous for are several narrow alleys in the city fully covered with ever-changing graffiti and street art. One of these is Union Lane, here is a bunch of pictures from that alley taken in November 2012.


Pappsatt-Exkursionsbericht: Recht auf Stadt Hamburg

Pappsatt zu Besuch in Hamburg 2011. Der Bericht jetzt als PDF zum downloaden.

Valencia Special (2009)

TXMX war in Valencia und hat einiges an Fotos mitgebracht.


Wurstbande & Sam in Budapest - Das Tagebuch (2009)

Hier ist es, das lang erwartete 22 Seiten starke Tagebuch der Budapest-Tour mit den Abenteuern der Wurstbande und der SamCrew!

Paris Special (2008)

Featuring tons of pictures of well-know sceners such as reroart, Artiste-Ouvrier, Czarnobyl, 1UP, Space Invaders, and miss.tic. Along comes a pile of beautiful untagged stencils, characters, tiles, etc in this set. Thanks a lot to the beauty lies!



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