Mentalgassi (2007)

We are happy to show you some new art and pictures done by the Mentalgassi-Group from Berlin!
Here is their Gallery! Thanks.


Interview mit Kloz (2007)

Mit unzähligen kleinen und dezenten Unikat-Klözern macht Kloz in Berlin die Runde. Ein Gespräch.

Interview with Dixon / Royal (2007)

we just compiled a short email interview with dixon / royal whose works are scattered everywhere in barcelona.

Just & SMP Light Tagging Tour (2007)

Happy birthday RYC!
We hit the 10.000 pictures barrier today and prepared some special updates for this occasion.
Just and SMP made this wonderful lighttag picture for reclaimyourcity among 20 others which you can see here.


Royal / Dixon - picture set (2007)

Lots of pictures of streetart by dixon / royal in the streets of barcelona.
Enjoy this amazing collection of post covers and hand drawn money sacks and severed hands!


Interview mit Los Piratos aus Hamburg (Ende 2006)

Los Piratos machen mittlerweile schon seit Jahren mit ihren aufwändigen Fliesen, Riesen-PasteUps und Multi-Layer Stencils Hamburg unsicher.

No Logo (2007)

this new special consists of 4 short video clips and about 30 pictures documenting the streetart by nologo / kain logos.
he started over 10 years ago with writing - changed his direction in 2000 using other techniques and visual statements.
nologo plays with names and different materials. 3 years ago he started some pixelart, for which he is nowadays quite famous.


Interview mit Börek (Dez 2006)

wenn man viel in kreuzberg 36 unterwegs ist, lassen sich die characters von Börek kaum übersehen. ein gespräch über nächtliche unternehmungen, massentauglichkeit und unbekannte fans.

"I want to be a part of the city that i live in" - Swoon:Toyshop (2003)

after the first backjumps exhibition in berlin in 2003, the arranca! published an interview with swoon, which mainly focused on appropriation, but in which she also talks about why she started doing streetart and the commercialisation of it. thanks to the arranca!, we were able to add this great and detailed interview to this site! (sorry, its in german only)


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