Altona Stencil Akademie

txmx uploaded a nice bunch of pictures taken at the Altona Stencil Akademie, which took place in Hamburg Altona from the 25. Aug.-8.Sept.2007.

featuring artists are: Artiste ouvrier, Alba, PI RHO, dash3ultra, Quasikunst.

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scary streetart!

tom sent us lots of scary streetart pictures by Hannibal Vector taken in hamburg.

if you dare, click here to see his horror gang in action!

reclaimyourcity / prograffiti shirts!

we just printed a bunch of these prograffiti shirts. reclaimyourcity is up for more than 2 years now. to keep it going without advertisement and other annoying stuff we have to pay some money each month which is quite a bit over the last years. all the money we make for the shirts will be... Read more

"the streets are our" - CALLING FOR SUBMISSIONS

Streetartist Rambo wants to publish a Photographic Documentation about Streetart in 2007 and calls for our submissions.

(dixon / saddo / other) @ Zero.Project

we are happy to pass the information to you that our friend dixon from barcelona currently displays his recent work at zero-gallery in berlin-kreuzberg.

saddo(romania) & other(canada) are also showing their latest art!
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planet prozess

Am 20.7.07 startet die ausstellung planet prozess auf 4 etagen des alten senats- reservespeichers in berlin- kreuzberg!
40 Kuenstler_innen werden in 3 wochen eine flaeche von ca. 1.200qm gestalten - dieser prozess, einer sich entwickelnden und nicht-statischen ausstellung, ist offen... Read more

...more events.

Besides the "Backjumps - the live issue #3" and the "RYC & Ueberdose" exhibitions a lot of more events taken place in Berlin this year.
We strongly recommend this exhibitions and are happy to show you some pictures of them.

Most of them are still running and are worth... Read more

pictures of the ryc & exhibition

here are the first pictures of the exhibition. we would like to thank everyone who made this event possible, especially all the people who sent us their stickers, posters, installations... we received more stuff than we expected and enjoyed it a lot to put everything on the walls.

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ryc & exhibition

From the 24th of june to the 7th of july we are going to host an exhibition as part of the backjumps live issue no. 3 together with the people of

We are happy that lots... Read more

New thinking jetzt - Sa 16. Juni 2007
Fleischerei, Torstr.116, U Rosenthaler Platz

die fleischerei ist seit 6 jahren ein offenes Siebdruckstudio und -kollektiv, dass Künstlern und Interessierten eine plattform bietet und es menschen ermöglicht kreativ und frei zu arbeiten.... Read more