Lucy Book

RYC proudly presents the selfproduced first "Littel Lucy"-Book by the Artist El Bocho from Berlin. It´s 48 pages thick and limited to 500 pieces. You might visit this Myspace... Read more

Barcelona and Hamburg update

Thanks to the berlinpiraten, we have an update of about 30 pics from Barcelona. Also txmx sent us another great set of streetart in Hamburg.... Read more

Exhibitions in Berlin April '08

Bimer's Exhibition “It´s a sick, sick city in a sick, sick world!” opened at ATM Gallery Brunnenstr. 24 in Berlin-Mitte. Open 03.04- 23.05.08. We uploaded some pics, in case you missed the vernissage.

There is... Read more

Sam Crew Update

Sam sent us tons of new stuff. more than 75 pics and a five minute animation featuring SAMs escape from the comic world.


We just launched the Categorie (Style) called Wallpapers! The Idea to post high-res and more less high-quality Photos wich can be used... Read more

Stockholm / Kopenhagen Sticker Update

We just received some 30 pictures taken in Stockholm and Kopenhagen showing lots of nice stickers and some stencils. Go get them here!

We also recommend this... Read more

1000 Members + Suburbs of Berlin Update

We are happy to present the news that we just got the 1000th member!

Stencilart sent us more than 100 pictures taken in the surroundings of Berlin. He captured lots of different stuff, from simple stencils and stickers to trains and even some installations connected to the castor... Read more

Fleischerei facing eviction / 31.3.2008

The legendary Fleischerei, a screenprinting workspace and urbanart shop in the heart of Berlin, is facing eviction at the end of march.
About a year ago a new owner bought the whole building and since then is trying to get them out. To save the Fleischerei you can collect signatures... Read more

Streetart becomes sophisticated!

Here it is, the audio recording of the streetart talk hold recently at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. Enjoy this 2h+ recording in awesome 32kbit/s mp3 quality in german!

In the range of the "Streetart-... Read more

"Alterego" GraffitiDocumentary / Worldpremiere

Daniel Thouw´s Graffiti Documentary "Alterego" will have it´s Worldpremiere in Berlin at Babylon Mitte / 28.2.2008 - 21:15!!

"Tags, throwups and pieces are part of almost every major cityscape around the world, and are more or less part of our everyday life.
AlterEgo takes you... Read more