Installations in Hamburg

We would like to point out the pictures sent to us today from Hamburgs stencil artists. TXMX supplied another great picture set and there is also an update of a tile session done by... Read more

New stuff!

Thanks for the nice pictures latey. We are always happy when people use the reclaim your city slogan in their work. Also, we would like to point out the new pictures taken by txmx of the walters' exhibition in hamburg... Read more

Photos for the Street ArtAffair in Leipzig

The "Street ArtAffair" in Leipzig calls for Photos they like to show during their Event running from the 2nd to the 8th of August! For more Infos please visit this Blog-Entry or the... Read more

...summer 2008.

Hey, here is a quick list about whats going on this summer in Berlin.

Urban Affairs 2008 / Berlin

There is a nice Streetart-Event taking place in Berlin this Summer.

5.7.2008 - 3.8.2008

Participating Artist are: DOLK, Alias, M-city, Nano4814, Nuria, El Tono, MyMo, XooooX, Tagnoe, Bimer, Bocho, Ovni & Just, Obelisk, Emess, Funk 25, Kindermassive and many many more (... Read more

Prague Update / Point Exhibition

We recieved lots of pics from Prague with some styrofoam stuff.
At the moment theres a nice exhibition of the artist Point open from 6.5.-5.6.2008 at "Point Shop" Trafo galerie - kurta konrada 1, praha 9.


Hey! Today we received some nice Pictures - TXMX shot some new Tiles & Posters in Hamburg including this great Stencils from ASA (!!), Encore is reporting from Freiburg, Hoax47 got fun with a big monster Marker in Berlin and DISK uploaded some Photos from Sulzbach-Rosenberg (we are kind... Read more

RYC proudly presents / Exhibition

If you are in Berlin these days make sure to visit the vernissage and reopening of the by our dear friend Juergen Grosse (+ secretary) in Berlin-Mitte!!

This Friday, 23.5.2008 / 19pm
Brueckenstrasse 1a in Berlin-Mitte!

..for more Infos you might... Read more

Sticker-Call aus Teheran!

Auch dieses Jahr organisiert das "Kolah-Studio" in Teheran im Iran eine grosse Sticker-Streetart-Aktion! Aussgestellt und verklebt werden eure Sticker & Plakate, welche ihr bis zur Deadline am 20.July verschicken koennt!

Mehr Infos gibts... Read more

Pro Graffiti Demo / 12. July 2008

Hey. There will be a Graffiti-Demonstration in Berlin at the 12th of July! ..starting 3pm / Oranienplatz! Check the Flyer for more Infos (german)!