Today (10.12.08) will start the "Wir kriegens gebacken"-Exhibition (Project, Baking-Event..) at the Urban-Art.info-Gallery in Berlin-Mitte! Click here for the Flyer, Dates and Location...


We´re happy to announce that the RYC-Wurstbanden-Gallery grow up to 200 Photos today! You rock ;-) !

Czentrifuga: Fleischerei strikes back!

after they got evicted in torstr. in the end of august, the NoStyleFuckers proudly present their new location: CZENTRIFUGA!
big opening: Sat October 25th 14-21h!
Czentrifuga, mariannenplatz 21, berlin-kreuzberg.

www.czentrifuga.de... Read more

MeanMarek & Cologne-Update

We are happy to have a lot of new Photos taken in cologne (thx kami68k) and a bunch of Works by MeanMarek on our Site (thx Azione)!


Hohoho! The "We are Friends"-Collective from the Ruhr-Area is organising a "Mystery Christmas Exchange" this year! We really love the idea and wish a lot of people to take part - here are the facts:

"WE ARE FRIENDS are calling for your submissions! In a few months, the time of love... Read more

Kupferdiebe in Hamburg

(thx Quasikunst)

Wanted: Streetart from Munich

Currently there are some people trying to publish a (non-profit) Streetart-Book about Munich and they are asking for your help / your Photos! Click here for Infos and Contacts! (Pic by TXMX).


Our dear friend TXMX just uploaded nearly 160 Photo showing Streetart from Hamburg!

Papergirl in Spain

Hey! Next Papergirl is taking place in Spain and is calling 4 your Stickers and Posters! If you don´t know about the Papergirl-Project please visit their Website! All Infos, Deadline etc can be found... Read more

Walls and Tiles in Hamburg

We just got a bunch of pictures of some nice fresh walls in hamburg with lots of new posters, stickers and tiles. Thanks again to TXMX for uploading the great stuff!