Boombarstick - Urban arts and music festival

If you have not already planned your vacation, try the Boombarstick urban art and music festival this year in Croatia.

Reclaim Your City is back!!!

After a 5-year sabbatical, reclaimyourcity is finally back with a brand new website! Our focus has shifted towards diverse activities in the last years. While reclaimyourcity started as a web community effort to document the volatile street art, a small but strong network evolved with... Read more

Recent photography by EVOL & JUST

„PUBLIC VIEWING“ ist die erste gemeinsame Ausstellung von EVOL und JUST, zwei bekannten Künstlern der Berliner Street-Art-Szene.

Various & Gould Exhibition @ ATM-Gallery

Our dear friends Various & Gould will have an Exhibition at ATM-Gallery in Berlin-Mitte. Vernissage is on the 03.09.2010 around 7pm. Get some more Infos here and here on GROBGRAFIK... Read more

Los Piratos Book

Arrrr, our Friends "Los Piratos" from Hamburg just published their own Book. With a big Commendation from RYC - you can check a Preview and order the Book here!

-... Read more

Happy Birthday Ekosystem!

Eko blogt ueber 10 Jahre Ekosystem: "„I can’t ex­act­ly re­mem­ber when the web­site was put on­line for the first time. It was around the end of 1999, I just had stop­ped doing graf­fi­ti after 10 years of prac­tise. The site was a... Read more

Turmkunst 2010

Was ges­tern noch als Schmie­re­rei und An­griff auf die öf­fent­li­che Ord­nung zur läs­ti­gen Be­gleit­erschei­nung von Ur­ba­ni­tät ge­wer­tet wurde, gilt längst als hip­per Stand­ort­fak­tor für Tou­ris­mus und Krea­tiv­wirt­schaft. Statt Kri­mi­na­li­sie­rung ist es eher die schnö­de... Read more

Keule is back

Neuer Stuff von Keule!
Muttersprüche! Keule 3009! und: das Keule-ABC. Geil!

Sam Expo / Poolparty Stadtbad Wedding

2 Exhibitions together at Stattbad Wedding:
-"Monkey see, monkey do" Sam Crew members Leps, Kid Kyuss Hope & John Reaktor presenting their new works

-"Pool Party" Flashboys, Maki, Mawil, Grafro, Bimer, Vectorian, Peach Beach, Saddo, Hendrik Berens, Bonqas, Irgh... Read more