Cape Town picture special

We are happy to show lots of pictures taken in Cape Town. Most of them are taken by think, who recently stayed in CT. Some pics were taken about a year ago during the "lines of attitude" exhibition featuring well known artists like falko, faith47, phiks, mode2 and draph. Click... Read more

Next Weekend SP-38 Exhibition in Berlin!!

f54, fleischerei und präsentieren:

"PIG ME" - Ausstellung von SP-38 ("vive le bourgeoisie",streetart)
und siebdruck-kunstflohmarkt in der werkstatt
(kunst von und für F54 und Fleischerei)

ausstellung und markt am Sa 24.und So 25.2.07... Read more

coyote gibt den dub frei

"wir haben anfang februar eine analoge filesharing aktion in berlin und potsdam gestartet.
verklebt werden besiebdruckte zip-bags inclusive 90min chrome-tape voll gepackt mit dub-music jeglicher coleur for free.
also augen auf und schonmal den ollen walkman an die anlage... Read more

Dazed / Areyoublindtoo?

Dazed sent us some nice pictures,

Areyoublindtoo? some stuff and amazing sketches...
have a look!

nologo special + 1 million views!!

this new special consists of 4 short video clips and about 30 pictures documenting the streetart by nologo / kain logos. he started over 10 years ago with writing - changed his direction in 2000 using other... Read more


some pictures by Mond in köln online today...

Weihnachtsschlamassel Kunst-Flohmarkt

Fr 22.und Sa 23.Dezember Siebdruck Kunst-Flohmarkt in der Fleischerei Berlin

Das Weihnachtsschlamassel geht in die 2.Runde! Coyote Potsdam, F54 Neukölln und Fleischerei verkaufen nächstes Wochenende nocheinmal feine handgedrucktes und handgenähte Kunstwerke.

Mit Zeux von: No... Read more

new videos + comments

thanks a lot for the nice feedback regarding the last interview and the new video section! we have two more videos now, one short clip from ESC in action and another clip documenting the reconstruction of a favela by el tono and nuria in berlin in late 2006... Read more

new interview + video section

it took some time but we are happy to present you some fresh content:

check out the interview with börek whose admirable characters are visible in kreuzberg for years now. from now on you are able to comment the interviews and ask... Read more

barcelona update

due to holidays we got about 50 new pics taken in barcelona. even though laws have been passed recently to keep the city clean, there are still lots of nice spots for stickers, stencils, characters..

here is a shortcut to the pictures:... Read more