pictures of the ryc & exhibition

here are the first pictures of the exhibition. we would like to thank everyone who made this event possible, especially all the people who sent us their stickers, posters, installations... we received more stuff than we expected and enjoyed it a lot to put everything on the walls.

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Intoxicated Demons (2007)

June 29th 2007

We are pround to announce the first INTOXICATED DEMONS show. We asked six of europe’s hottest urban art artists to join the succesful Berlin party event „live-demo“ for a live-painting show. Be sure not to miss this event and make it a hot summer... Read more

Señor-B Exhibition Berlin (2007)

»The Lazy Bunch« by Señor B.
29.06.07 – 15.07.07 Galerie Walden

RYC & ü Exhibition (2007)

From the 24th of june to the 7th of july we are going to host an exhibition as part of the backjumps live issue no. 3 together with the people of

“Laktacje” Fleischerei (2007)

23 of Juni 2007 at 17h in the Fleischerei will be vernisage of “Laktacje” - traveling exchibition of works of pepole who do stuff around polish street art.”

Backjumps – The Live Issue#3

Street Art entsteht und entwickelt sich auf den Straßen der Städte. Als Phänomen prägt sie die Stadtlandschaften der Welt.

ryc & exhibition

From the 24th of june to the 7th of july we are going to host an exhibition as part of the backjumps live issue no. 3 together with the people of

We are happy that lots... Read more

Interview with Dixon / Royal (2007)

we just compiled a short email interview with dixon / royal whose works are scattered everywhere in barcelona.

Just & SMP Light Tagging Tour (2007)

Happy birthday RYC!
We hit the 10.000 pictures barrier today and prepared some special updates for this occasion.
Just and SMP made this wonderful lighttag picture for reclaimyourcity among 20 others which you can see here.

Royal / Dixon - picture set (2007)

Lots of pictures of streetart by dixon / royal in the streets of barcelona.
Enjoy this amazing collection of post covers and hand drawn money sacks and severed hands!

1. Internationale Fleischerei-Konferenz (F1) Berlin

New thinking jetzt - Sa 16. Juni 2007
Fleischerei, Torstr.116, U Rosenthaler Platz

die fleischerei ist seit 6 jahren ein offenes Siebdruckstudio und -kollektiv, dass Künstlern und Interessierten eine plattform bietet und es menschen ermöglicht kreativ und frei zu arbeiten.... Read more

Happy birthday!

We hit the 10.000 pictures barrier today and prepared some special updates for this occasion.

Napoli Special (2007)

Another update with more than 90 pictures of lovely stencils and characters taken in Napoli. These pics will surely persuade you to travel to this city immediately.

Thanks to txmx for sharing his holiday memories with us.

dazed update

dazed went travelling and shares some beautiful pictures with us here.

International Sticker Awards 2007

Once again we are asking for your fine artworks to compete with the rest of the world - send your photos and graphics of your stickers and interventions in public space and win one of our fantastic prizes...

the award is open for submissions from april 30th to juli 31th 2007!!... Read more

Lots of pictures from Bremen and Kopenhagen

Big thanks to the Streetart_Kollektiv_HB for sending us a bunch of pictures taken in Bremen and Kopenhagen.

Go for them here!

Dont hesitate to send pictures of your favourite town :)

Autonomes Kulturprojekt Köpi versteigert!

Heute früh wurde die Köpi für 834000 Euro an die VKB GmbH & Co. KG versteigert. Die VKB (Versicherungskammer Bayern) gehört zur Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. Eine Kundgebung vor dem Amtsgericht mit 300 Leuten konnte die Versteigerung nicht verhindern.

Die Köpi ist eines der... Read more

Acud Paint Session (2007) kasmir, noel, keule, grafro, azione etc etc

ACUD Veteranenstraße 21  10119 Berlin

Nürnberg special (2007)

we´re glad to present you more than 180 pictures taken around nuremberg!
special thanks to gonzo and wildstyle ray who shared their content of!

Prague (2007)

A lot of new pictures from Prague. Thanks!! etepetete

Interview mit Los Piratos aus Hamburg (Ende 2006)

Los Piratos machen mittlerweile schon seit Jahren mit ihren aufwändigen Fliesen, Riesen-PasteUps und Multi-Layer Stencils Hamburg unsicher.

6 Exhibition @ Fleischerei (2007)

"" exhibition at Fleischerei
started on Friday 6.April 2007

Torstr.116, U Rosenthaler Platz Berlin

New Video: Physical Education- Hasenheide Neukölln

grafro home entertainment and king w. proudly present:

Doc Knightfield and the amazing St*f*nski on the road again - making our lovely public parks a better place!

See them fighting with Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, the mad nationalist guy who invented the physical education... Read more

No-Exhibition by SP-38 in Berlin

The Show is Canceled!
No-Exhibition by SP-38
Music and Movie by Border liner
12.April 2007, start: 20h

Brunnenstr.10, Berlin-Mitte
U-Bhf. Rosenthaler Platz

more Infos here

Keule VS. Sam im Neurotitan (2007)

Sam & Keule Doppel im Rahmen der Comic-Bibliothek Renate - Ausstellung.
3. - 22. April 2007 im Neurotitan Berlin-Mitte.