The Swap Box Monster

One of my earlier swap boxes. Just showing you can build one outta almost anything...Come to think of it I wished I'd made better use of this piece's potential and painted it more monstrous.

What is Swap Box, you ask?

A musing on the characteristics of the Swap Box… and a manifesto on what street art itself should be.

1. Swap Box improves its immediate environment and adds to its use characteristics. Where previously there was a telephone pole or a sheet of plywood there is now a piece of interactive art. Swap Box is also interactive. People are free to place items within the Box and take what they wish.

2. Swap Box adds beauty, wonder and an element of ever-changing uncertainty to the urban landscape. One does not know what will be in the Swap Box unless one looks inside.

3. Swap Box reduces all to equals in their use of it. President Bush and a six-year-old child both have the same relation to Swap Box when they open it and look inside. The creator of the Swap Box, likewise, has no idea of what will be inside.

4. Swap Box is capable of being easily adapted to any city and any situation…all it takes is a few things and a bit of work. Likewise, Swap Box can be decorated any way which the Swap Box creator wishes

5. Swap Box creates something within the urban landscape which keeps people coming back to check on it. It becomes a destination in itself.

6. Swap Box draws people’s paths together and provides a potential meeting-place for strangers.

7. Swap Box is a way of reclaiming art from not only the galleries, but the pretentious, obscurity seeking, namedropping hipsters who have hijacked it and run it into the ground.