reclaimyourcity / prograffiti shirts!

we just printed a bunch of these prograffiti shirts. reclaimyourcity is up for more than 2 years now. to keep it going without advertisement and other annoying stuff we have to pay some money each month which is quite a bit over the last years. all the money we make for the shirts will be used to pay our server bills :)

you can order shirts for 12-15 euros each inclusive shipping inside of germany (pls write us if you want us to ship it somewhere else, we can figure sth out). to order the shirts, please write us an email, available sizes are Girlie, M, L, and XL. on the picture above the girlie size is on the right with the white stripes and the other shirt is on the left.

The Shirts are also availible at the Supalife-Kiosk in Berlin!
(Prenzlauer-Berg / Raumerstrasse 40)