Our own Sneaker Auction in Berlin

Big "Special Edition" Sneaker Auction at the Superplan-Gallery in Berlin on the 14.04.2009 starting at 19:00!

Participating Artists so far: Mymo, Noel, Pisa73, Tower, Os Gemeos, Saddo, Various, Mawil, Klub 7, Lindas ehem. Ex, Evol, Pixelpopulation, Wayne Horse, Gogoplata, Zonenkinder, Bonqas, Czarnobyl, Grafro + Bimer, NSO, TIKA, Gould, MeanMarek, Vectorian, SP 38, Orticanoodles, Pabo, Emess, Alias, Nikita, Corto, Christian Klier, Finn__K, HEX, iHad, Beat Gipp (Czentrifuga), Base23, Kain Dreistreif, Enrico Schlawinski, Møbelcrew, pnöm, pappsatt, Undenk, Loso, Joska, Frl. Zucker, F*ck Your Crew and many more..

If you like to join as an Artist, design your old shoes (Sneakers, rubber boots..) and send them till the 12th of April to:

Gärtnerstr. 33a
10245 Berlin

More Infos at the Superplan Website or here on Ekosystem.