Modart presents: 2nd Hand Smoke

Next to Art21 in Cologne, Modart is pleased to tickle your throat gently with its own brand of second hand smoke, an exhibition featuring a selection of young artists who live as art, who have risked to communicate, earned their street credentials and begun to stir up the hierarchies of fine visual arts.

Featuring: Morcky Troubles, Smash, The Boghe, Wayne Horse, RudiOne and
Stefan Strumbel and light painting performance from Lichtfaktor.

WHERE: Odonien/Atelier Odo Rumpf, Hornstr.85
50823 Cologne

WHEN: You can visit the show daily at the Modart Lounge from November 1st –
November 3rd between 15:00 and 20:00.

Finnassage at: November 3rd, starting at 21:00 … light painting, vj's, live musical acts, BBQ and a selection of booze, pls join us as we party in the name of art and see what gets the art of partying!!!

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