Intoxicated Demons (2007)

June 29th 2007

We are pround to announce the first INTOXICATED DEMONS show. We asked six of europe’s hottest urban art artists to join the succesful Berlin party event „live-demo“ for a live-painting show. Be sure not to miss this event and make it a hot summer night.

For any details about the party please check

June 30th 2007

After a long period of discussing ideas, counting money, writing e-mails and doing heavy construction work, the GALLERY finally will be open! We invite u to join the official opening show this saturday. Some of our favourite artists will join us for some awsome livepainting work:

ELPH (Edinburg/Scotland)
ACORN (Edinburg/Scotland)
GHOSTPATROL (Melbourne/Australia)
PAL84 & SINA (Riga/Latvia)
Gregor Louden (Edinburg/Scotland)

Our gallery is dedicated to the worldwide urban art scene. We are pround to represent some of the hottest international artists. Everything in our gallery had to pass a certain quality test – our personal taste! So feel free to take a look around the different artist’s portfolio and get inspired.

Whenever u have a question about a specific artwork or artist, don‘t hesitate to get in touch with us. If u are an artist too – and u would love to see your artwork presented through our gallery, drop us a line. We‘re still looking for oustanding artists and young talents.“