Ewen Gur „Back in Town!"

Ewen Gur's pictures describe a mostly urbane world which knows her own borders no more and whose staff – robots, lawyers, extraterrestrials, pop singers, bankers and other monsters – reels between aggression and idiocy. Although humorous, partly naively painted, his pictures own a well doing polemical character. Gur’s graffiti-inspired and comic-inspired works are an allegory on the destructive insanity of our society.

Beside his painting, Gur composes music and he experiments with different forms of art. In his very own style he translates the rhythm and the mind of the music on canvas and also directly on records. Ewen Gur was born in 1984 in Ambilly, France. Today he lives and works in Berlin.

The exhibition in the boxoffberlin shows fifty painted records and two diptychs of Ewen Gur.

This rocks: bring your own records and play them!

Opening: Friday, 16 October, 7 pm
Location: bob – boxoffberlin, Zimmerstr. 11, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Exhibition: 17 Oct. 2009 - 31. Jan. 2010
Opening hours: daily from 11 am – 6 pm

The exhibition is part of the WallBreakers Urban Art Tour.