Breaking the wall


a picture, he nearly got shot for

not true and not funny

i think he is refering to the story banksy tells in his book about these pictures in which his guide tells him that the watchtowers nearby are deserted but he found out later that they were not.

yeah, thats what i wanted to say. sry if it was not true.

..don´t think that the idf is shoooting someone painting this wall :|

they dont, and i hope they never will. Anyway, there is a debate israeli artist have around drawing on the wall, not wanting to make it look nice so that we wont forget how horrible it is. Anyway, Bansky does the work in the best way possible. like poetry

always thought anti-semitic terrorist assaults were horrible :|

well the shooting story isnt so far off... aparently they fired shots into the air, that's what was said in some vid.

walla... hard.