Black Block Beauty (2007)

Just & SMP Light Tagging Tour (2007)

Happy birthday RYC!
We hit the 10.000 pictures barrier today and prepared some special updates for this occasion.
Just and SMP made this wonderful lighttag picture for reclaimyourcity among 20 others which you can see here.

Royal / Dixon - picture set (2007)

Lots of pictures of streetart by dixon / royal in the streets of barcelona.
Enjoy this amazing collection of post covers and hand drawn money sacks and severed hands!

No Logo (2007)

this new special consists of 4 short video clips and about 30 pictures documenting the streetart by nologo / kain logos.
he started over 10 years ago with writing - changed his direction in 2000 using other techniques and visual statements.

1UP - the early days (2006)

The first 3 Years of bombing: About 125 pictures of 1UP's work, taken all over europe.
From Berlin to France to Italy and back. Rooftops, Wholecars, Roller Paintings...