Schw*tz 1

Look at this oldies, with their "engagement" and their "knowledgement" want to "help" and "care" about young people. They should stay at home giving the new generation chance instead telling us what to do better and what they have done in their life .

"Sie fühlen sich fit, sind aktiv und engagieren sich gesellschaftlich. Sie stecken voller Erfahrungen und Ideen und wollen Verantwortung übernehmen. "
(taken from> WTF? Ideas? for us ?come ooooon...your ideas are out of time....

und wollen Verantwortung übernehmen......wakakakaka
the only Verantwortung you have to übernehmen is being nice to your children, because the choose which Alterheim they will put you in.

take a rest, give us a chance.

and I'm not listening to you and your ideas schwitz beim kacken.